The creative gene has run thick in my blood since birth.


As a child you could always find me doodling, colouring, and sketching. I was the kid that the other kids would approach to draw that thing they could not.


Art did and still does bring me eternal joy. 


I am George Conidis, creator and owner of GEOCDESIGN (my Graphic Design studio) which was established in 2008. As a Graphic Designer I am overjoyed to be able to share my passion for creativity with those in need of any digital or print needs. I will take your ideas - whatever they may be and run wild with them.   

Thank you to George who created our fresh, enlivening promotional materials that helped make our events come to life and captured people's attention online and on the streets.


Jennifer Lay

Riverside BIA 

Winner of of 2019 TABIA (Toronto Association of Business Area Improvement award for best "Branding." 

"I had the pleasure of meeting George at an event. We connected right away. The day I was ready for a brand update I knew he would be the best suited to do this. George needed very little time to understand what I was looking for and together he quickly was able to design a fresh new logo as well as all of our new business cards. Fast, fun & reliable.Thank you!" 


Valerie Sideco

VIB Events and Custom Cocktails

​George is wonderful to work with. Super creative! He had dedication to each and every pixel of his work.


Sathish Bala

Blueband Digital

"I have worked with George on numerous design projects and he continues to amaze me with his creativity and ability to capture my vision into graphics. George is easy to work with and gets the job done quickly and professionally and he nails it every time. I would definitely recommend him for all your design needs. You won't be disappointed!"


Diana Church

Diana Church Coaching

"George has a great sense for creativity! I've got the chance to work with him on several occasions and I found him to be efficient and professional. I tend to need things to be done promptly and continually edited, and George is always there and willing to help! His creativity is unique and original."


Hannah Daniels

Harris Management 

One of George's most salient characteristics, is his ability to handle a multitude of tasks, and to respect deadlines. His dedication to each project is remarkable, and I would highly recommend his services for any business that wants to improve their image.

John F. Stevens

Talent Inc.

"George knows how to make design fundamentals work for him--and more importantly for you. He has an uncanny way of expressing original concepts through elements of type, line, shape and texture and anchoring designs with principles of balance, contrast, unity and colour. He is always striving to make these basic fundamentals of design count to create an effective simple statement. It may take years to understand the value and rarity of that gift, yet George is blessed with a fertile imagination and a remarkable ability to present his ideas with such skill and emotional power. George's designs are works of art, and as a result many things can be said of them, not the least of which is that they are original and deceptively simple effective designs which denote beauty, simplicity, clarity and the absence of superficial artless techniques."

Christopher George


Tom Dumont (far right) of rock band No Doubt wearing an original GEOCDESIGN tee.